Infantile posts

Not to be judgmental, but I’ve been noticing a lot of juvenile posts in reference to Trump lately. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for the well-times “F You,” but let’s get serious for a moment, is that all you really got? Aren’t we playing into his hand with these babyish responses when most mature…

Last one!

(….he says as Kellyanne Conway hides his phone in the red-fanged maw hidden under the blonde of the back of her necks.)   Ummmm… our prez.  As evident by his twitter feed, which is, in fact, a very clean window into his soul… or rather psyche.

I hope you can hear this

I was trying so hard to understand and hear this today.  So many strange feelings and pain pain pain.  I ask myself, who is feeling this pain?  Really a hard question when I stop and think about it.  I thought it was an easy question the first time I heard him say it, ask it….

high anxiety

IS he? I had THE EXACT SAME THOUGHT when I watched it…. Weird- well at least I know that I’m not the only one with high anxiety lately. It’s been tough.   This is different,   This is funnier.