I hope you can hear this

I was trying so hard to understand and hear this today.  So many strange feelings and pain pain pain.  I ask myself, who is feeling this pain?  Really a hard question when I stop and think about it.  I thought it was an easy question the first time I heard him say it, ask it….

Black Jeopardy

intercepting our signals

so um yup I need a dreamcatcher

and not the one from Stephen King. I had a few interesting things happen to me in these last couple of days, and in the spirit of breaking free from my self-imposed shell of obscurity, I am writing them on my blog, why not? I got a little closed-in in the last idk year? here…

Dragons live here

…you know those medieval maps? In the places where they didn’t know what was going on, they wrote ‘Dragons live here’   -Dragon portrait by Josh Nelson   ~~~The Most Difficult and the Most Mystifying~~~ Smoke: me with your aces lance me death part love …stumbled jove in drunken seeds and Smoke agrees, “Drove.” *shrugs*…