I was feeling weirdly, grandly low this morning, but then I saw a photograph that made me feel oh so much better.  It is strange how you never really know what’ll do it, what will pull you up out of that heap of crap thoughts and low esteem.  What you think should make you feel somewhat decent doesn’t, what does turns out to be a surprise and you smile.

(I’ll start posting more art along with words on this blog.  I feel like I need more content now that I’m done with graduate school and have more time.)

The following are a few of the famous artworks that inspired me.  The artist is Malick Sidibe.

“Friends of the Spanish”


More from Malick Sidibe:


And then I discovered Seydou Keita:



Have a great Monday!  (Which it’s not even really Monday, it’s just another day we all agreed to call Monday.  Not a real thing.)  <<<  Should be a WH tweet.

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  1. jilldennison says:

    Great pics … but please … no WH tweets! 😀 😀 😀

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