You’ll never be Obama


You, Don Trump, will never be Obama.


Sometimes when I hear your words or see Sean and Paul and the others on the playground I want to run and hide.  I go by the merry-go-round, but I can still see you running about pushing random people to the ground.  Usually the slower ones.  I can hear you laughing gleefully at the smaller boy’s tears.  I can feel the embarassment when you guys run up to the girls and flip the bottom of their skirts up and laugh.

You won’t change.  Your’s is the role of the bully, and you are playing expertly.  At times different strategies to survive are employed by us, the majority of others on the field.

What happens in the movies?  In the myths?  History?

Think about that.

You know what I’m going to do?  I’m going to relax into it, find a groove of alternating currants; speak up, take a nap, go to the grocery, make a dynamic political poem, eat cookies, bake bread.

You are a silly emperor who cannot figure out his newfangled iPhone.  You’ve regressed back to your old android, like a typical backwoods great grandpa whose nieces spin him wild fantastical stories by the fire about this new contraption called the “Internet.”  You really don’t believe them but have mastered your one gadget from ten years ago so you’re sticking to that.

“Go away Kelly-Ann, I’m busy with this new application “Myspace.”



I know where you are.  You’ve cordoned yourself off into a closest somewhere, accessing Social Media via ancient devices, fucking up America.  Thanks, thanks for that.


And btw, what do you think about your old friend, Snoop Lion?

While I personally don’t think it’s a good idea to depict an act like this in a video, I do think Snoop has opened up a wider avenue for other artists/writers to feel more capable of expressing themselves freely without fear of prosecution.  We’ll see for how long.

(This isn’t the full video, but a commentary on it.  #Funny)




one more time, For the record:

you’ll never be as good as Obama.



You are no longer our president.



Let that sink in.


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