You’ll never be Obama

  You, Don Trump, will never be Obama.   Sometimes when I hear your words or see Sean and Paul and the others on the playground I want to run and hide.  I go by the merry-go-round, but I can still see you running about pushing random people to the ground.  Usually the slower ones….

Poetry tweets

Come to the readings! Poetry and music   Also: I’ve found this crazy thing on the internet… I’m not sure but maybe the current Prezy needs to have someone read his tweets, or read his own, directly to his future self, or what I like to call, that spot on the wall (orange) that…

Last one!

(….he says as Kellyanne Conway hides his phone in the red-fanged maw hidden under the blonde of the back of her necks.)   Ummmm… our prez.  As evident by his twitter feed, which is, in fact, a very clean window into his soul… or rather psyche.