Make it relevant.  Or is it relative?  Make it revenant…?  I don’t know anymore…. in this topsy-turvy world we find ourselves in I found that tonight, watching these relevant movie clips helped me to put some scenarios more in perspective.  Yes, maybe it’s fantastical thinking but it helps for a remove in a sense, objective….subjective… both or none of those.  Well, here you go world,

When thinking of The Dark Don’s mystery $50 million+ loan, I thought of this movie:




Then I saw this and it ran through my mind that WE are the ones in the cabin while Crazy “tweet and fly” Wandering Hands is the pilot.  OMG.

Except he’s not tipsy like Denzel, just a little HIGH OUT OF HIS GOURD ON COCAINE.


(warning- there are a few grisly bits at the end)




I was done but then I added this just for fun.  Enjoy


is john bannon?  ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! help us all.


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