Title Your Way

Can I write a poem about love?
Can I reach into the depths of whateva’s left and scratch the surface of a half-beaten smile and jimmy out a broken tooth or two to peer into the bloody

to eek-out loveworn lumps of shimmering gut
squishy, glossy heart

tissues nudes pews glossolalia nerves
connect the dots
like that game Collect Four? Connect Four?

Will you pull the bottom out?
Would I care? Like-

obviously I would care or I wouldn’t like u so much but what I meant to convey was that

I would just like to be the red dot
knocking up against your black
get in your WAY

…..make you think it’s a win and then
Get In Your Way.
(it’s a talent, I suppose)

Without a warrant
or a definable cause I just

I just saw you standing there
crouching there

And then, oh God and then, and then something clicked


oh, no
NoNoNo no


and it happened


(and if you go back and read the love twice you can clearly see that it’s about the reverse of both things,  beginning at the end, it ends anyway)


Anyway, it happened.  Maaaan I was just standing there… crouched.  And then I was like “Oh god…”
something then, it just clicked… squishy.
I was like “NoNoNo no, oh no” but it happened anyway.

No warrant, badge shimmering
like I was just supposed to Get out His Way.  Well obviously
I wouldn’t normally care (would I care?) but I was like- collect four?
You playing a game with my life like I’m supposed to just let you collect four of us and connect us all up?

…get in your way…I got in your way?  Shoulda saw you standing there twisted,
knocking up against black? Felt in my guts gut shoulda half-eaten smile
down into the depths of whatever’s left of GET IN YOUR WAY

They… they let you think it’s a win and then click
I was just standing there.

twistedNoNoNo no no and it happened

oh God oh and then, and then god something clicked

The knocking.

Then I reach up against whatever’s left
peer into the depths of whatever’s left
grinning >

write //tissues<

;the bloody gaps.

Will you pull the bottom out?
Would I care?

“To eke-out lovelorn….” depths crouching without warrant
and oh God something clicked
and it happened
and I told him-

well… nudesglossy
pull the bottom out would you
would you like to be the red
I will like to be the red grinning love and GET in your way

oh, uh reach in the surface
(a talent I suppose)
and I connect the jimmy grinning
gap tooth game …and I wouldn’t like you so much (obviously) “I just saw you standing there”

and then
oh then something squishy

like clicked



2 Comments Add yours

  1. sheldonk2014 says:

    Love can be a trick
    If you are not a magician
    Great read


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