Dragons live here

…you know those medieval maps? In the places where they didn’t know what was going on, they wrote ‘Dragons live here’


-Dragon portrait by Josh Nelson


~~~The Most Difficult and the Most Mystifying~~~

me with your aces
lance me death    part love
            ...stumbled jove in drunken seeds 
and Smoke agrees, 

3rd person present: shrugs
raise (one’s shoulders) slightly and momentarily to express doubt, ignorance, or indifference.
“Jimmy looked inquiringly at Pete, who shrugged his shoulders”]

Critique of psychiatry in relation to the (mis-)diagnosis of spiritual emergence




unsure if I agree with it all (in fact i skimmed skipped over quite a bit but) it seems fun


i think i saw one

Chris Levesley
Chris Levesley1 month ago
this is real idiot
Pou Belle
Pou Belle1 month ago
Nop, it’s not… It’s really a camera trick…
Chris Levesley
Chris Levesley1 month ago
+Pou Belle no. it really isnt
Pou Belle
Pou Belle4 weeks ago
Let me rephrase that: there is no bluescreen or whatsoever. M. Burton really escape the cuffs, the chains etc. The trickery resides in 1) the timing (he could have jumped on the platform way before) and the cuts make it seem like he is unlocking the last at the last moment. And 2) the angles. The cart seems to be way closer than it actually is throughout the trick. Although it could have been lethal if the chain had stuck on the tracks, which it nearly did. Hence the “that was stupid”.
So no bluescreen, no CGI (lol) and no stuntman. But still a few tv trickery.
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uus minecraft

uus minecraft2 weeks ago
good movie

Cabeza De Queso Ramirez

Cabeza De Queso Ramirez2 weeks ago
donde la puedo ver pero k este en español

Arianna: The Adele fan!!1 month ago

This gives me Drake vibes.

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Icoughariana On IG

Icoughariana On IG3 weeks ago

This needs to be in an action movie

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Bonnie Erdman

Bonnie Erdman1 week ago
Suicide squad

khadijah dicko

khadijah dicko2 months ago
If any black people know what roots is then this song is perfect for that show/movie.THIS COMMENT IS MENT FOR BLACK PEOPLE SO BYE BYE WHITE PEOPLE

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arilalala582 weeks ago
I mean I’m white and I thought Roots was great but ok


TimidChimera1 week ago
If any white people know what roots is then this song is perfect for that show/movie. THIS COMMENT IS MEANT FOR WHITE PEOPLE SO BYE BYE BLACK PEOPLE. Sorry if you think I’m racist.

happy Channel

happy Channel2 days ago
this gives me drake vibes


John Roberts

John Roberts3 weeks ago
I would have liked to have seen the scenes rather than just having them referenced.


meow232 days ago
i just come for salma i dont really care about his movies

Samuel Wolf

Samuel Wolf2 days ago

Desperado my ego


ELLA FS2 months ago
Seinfeld lead me here ❤

gorge guerrero

gorge guerrero1 week ago
lol me 2

Daniel Daniels

Daniel Daniels6 days ago
and me

Joey Diaz

Joey Diaz1 month ago
Bet you would not think a old gangbanger would love this song. Yet I do. It spells it all out.

Jordan Farr

Angelo Soave

Angelo Soave1 month ago
I personally like the Johny Cash version best

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