mouse- are gone

Coming back to photos and words after a bit of heartbreak.
It’s complicated. Trying to come back to what my friends call ‘normal’ forms of poetry after experimenting a bit.  I don’t know… if you’re out there… whoever’s out there…. my therapist says hello.  Just kidding I say hello,

I’ve learned recently how to get comfortable in the ambiguous nature of things.  Not really knowing anything, I mean, once you let go of your iron clad grip, it’s not so bad.  Kinda better.  All and all, whatever happens with my poetry, readers, the whole thing, I’m ok with it.  Whew, that was long.  here’s a poem about what? idk.  well yes i do really.  It’s a mixture of the effects of totalitarianism, maybe enlightenment (finding who you are beneath the labels, the skin) and loss, gaining.  I should add that parts of it are found, and parts remixed too.


mouse- are gone




you            say

so n (…)t                       me.

They are looking
(…)(…)(…)                                 you who             you

take your


the pockets

e pty


clothes               clothes


: (…)

      are gone.
Organs                     now


puh               , ca ry


boom, ha h               Ligh

blood Psh

 (…)eyes, pu           pum
which                           you?

they find you?: (…)



: (…)

(…): (…)         y            ?

hm                   m


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