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The United States:

 5 years of drone strikes used to maintain US military dominance in the Middle East for the purpose of securing trade routes and oil reserves – 2,400 dead
 Syrian Civil War caused by the US’ funding of Syrian rebels as well as the terrorist organization Al Nusra in an attempt to overthrow the Syrian government – at least 146,000 dead

 US Funded and NATO Intervention in Libya for the sake of overthrowing the government and getting oil – estimates range from 10,000 by the deniers, to 50,000 by the rebels. The commonly accepted number by the US is 30,000 dead


 United States backed government of Sri Lanka for the sake of maintaining trade routes and neo-liberal foothold in southern Asia – 100,000 dead (some sources say 40,000 not including the huge numbers of civilians)


 The War in Iraq which was for the sake of gaining oil controlling petroleum exports and with the interest of advancing US imperialism – most recent study indicates500,000 dead Iraqis and 4,500 dead US soldiers


 The War in Afghanistan – 2,000 dead US soldiers and 20,000 civilians


 US bombing of Pakistan for the War on Terror and to maintain our imperial dominance abroad – 50,000 dead


 US and Mexican War on Drugs to maintain a monopoly and to support military spending as well as drug cartel violence for profit – 47,000 dead


 Operation Desert Storm (First Gulf War) which was for the sake of maintaining dominance in the Middle East as well as for imperialistic reasons– 158,000 Iraqis – 75,000 US Soldiers dead from the War and Gulf War Syndrome

 US Sanctions against Iraq from 1990-2012 – 3,300,000

 Iran-Iraq War where the United States funded both sides in an attempt to have each wipe the other out – about 1,500,000


 The War in Vietnam to “beat Communism” and maintain an Asian sphere of influence –3,800,000 Vietnamese between 1955-1984 about 58,000 US soldiers about200,000 in Laos about 300,000 in Cambodia it’s hard to calculate Agent Orange deaths but up to 4,800,000 people were exposed and 100,000 US soldiers killed themselves


 Korean War to “beat Communism” and maintain dominance in Asia – 54,000 US soldiers and about 5,000,000 Koreans died


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